Tyannia (Tai) Foster, MixxedFit and COMMIT Instructor

Tyannia (Tai) Foster

Tyannia (Tai) is a Licensed MixxedFit and COMMIT Instructor residing in Charlotte, North Carolina. She has been dancing all of her life in some form or fashion. She showcased her love for dance at the age of eight at her first ballet/jazz/tap recital and continued this love as a cheerleader from ages 13 to 18 years old. Dance has always been a part of her world, in some capacity. She stepped away for several years after graduating from Johnson C. Smith University and picked it back up after attending her first MixxedFit® and Zumba classes in 2016.

She admits, dance saved her life. After a big reality check with her health, she decided to find her “WHY” and it was all uphill from there. Tai attended several MixxedFit® classes and other fitness events before deciding to become licensed. She became a licensed instructor in December of 2019. The passion and drive were always there as a student, but the inspiration felt different after becoming an instructor. She adapted a lifestyle of mind over matter and doing everything with a purpose.

She has taken part in several fitness events to give back to the community, which is one of her biggest passions. Her desire and inspiration for becoming an instructor, stems from seeing the joy of those in class with her and those who are looking for HOPE and MOTIVATION to start his/her own fitness journey. She understands the challenges one may face when trying to figure out where to start. She went from weighing 240+ pounds to losing over 80+ pounds, by making some very necessary changes to her life.

Tai has been a Pescatarian for 15 years and has adopted a “lifestyle” to ensure she is leading a healthy life. Being healthy is not about the best diets and depriving yourself, it is about implementing those healthy choices as your lifestyle. As she changed her overall perspective of what “healthy” looks like, it became easier to make those necessary changes to her lifestyle.
She considers herself to be a social butterfly, enjoys meeting new people, and helping others with their “YOU”UNIQUE fitness journey. She believes, in order for one to stay consistent, you must give yourself grace and realize nothing is perfect. She wants everyone reading this to remember, “even broken crayons still color”.

Tai’s motto is, always become a better version of yourself each day. If your plan is not working, reevaluate and modify…then go back to the drawing board and go even harder. It is not about perfection; it is about progression.
These nine Positive Affirmations helped me; I hope they help you!
Refocus, Recenter, and Reengage!
Blossom, Believe, and Become!
Inspire, Inform, and Involve!