Stephanie Heredia, U-Jam Fitness and Zumba Fitness instructor, California

Stephanie Heredia

Stephanie Heredia is a U-Jam Fitness and Zumba Fitness instructor in Bakersfield, California. Since as long as she can remember she has loved to dance and felt the music in her soul. In December of 2016 at 350lbs, she decided to use the love of music and dance to help guide her through her fitness journey by attending dance fitness classes. After losing 100lbs, Stephanie achieved a long time goal and became a licensed U-Jam and Zumba instructor in 2018. She not only wanted to continue her own fitness journey but also realized she also wanted to motivate and inspire others to do the same. She has received so much love and support during her own journey that now wanted to pay forward all the love and support to others. She has a keen ability to motivate and inspire new and advanced students alike to simply let loose and enjoy life through movement.

Stephanie’s motto is to love your body unconditional just like your body loves you unconditional. Every part of your body tells a story and has created the beautiful person you are today.