Donna Fisher, Founder of COMMIT to You Fitness and Co-Creator of COMMIT Dance Fitness

Donna Fisher

Donna Fisher is the Founder of COMMIT to You Fitness and Co-Creator of COMMIT Dance
Fitness. COMMIT is a dynamic, fun-filled HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) style dance
experience. Each routine focuses on essential fitness elements created to a variety of popular
music, from all over the world, that will inspire everyone to get moving. The choreography is also
taught in levels ensuring the success of everybody to reach their maximum workout potential.
Each level gradually increases with intensity along with quick bursts of dynamic movement that
provide the overall HIIT-influenced experience.

Donna Fisher has always had a passion for dance. She has been dancing and creating
choreography for as long as she can remember. In 2008, Donna walked into her very first
Zumba class and that ignited her fire for fitness. She has been licensed to lead 9 different
fitness formats specializing in dance, strength, conditioning, adaptive, and alternative
movements for all ages and physical abilities.

Donna focuses her energy and drive, on helping individuals who are sparked with the same
desire to teach a well-rounded, LIT, AND WILD OUT dance fitness experience that everyone
can enjoy. She hopes that students, instructors, fitness enthusiasts, and professionals from all
over the world leave her classes and trainings, feeling inspired, empowered, ready, and excited
for COMMIT. She is honored to be here and is looking forward to leaving it all on the dance floor
with all of you throughout the retreat weekend.

Donna believes that it is important to follow your calling and always, “LIVE YOUR DREAMS
OUT LOUD!”. Let’s get it in!