D’Andra Adams, V.I.B.E Founder (Vibrantly Influenced Body Expression), Multi-Dance Fitness format instructor, Washington

D’Andra Adams

D’Andra Adams, Multi-Dance Fitness format instructor from WA State. Founder V.I.B.E (Vibrantly Influenced Body Expression)

D’Andra began dancing when she was 7 years old. Her dance fitness career started in 2014. She has since evolved and is dedicated to giving her students a multi format class with diversity. She is currently licensed to teach MixxedFit, Grovey Effect, and soon by Spring of 2023 COMMIT.

D’Andra recently launched her own platform called VIBE: VIBE embodies ALL DANCE FORMATS. It completes the need to feed our souls with a way to express ourselves without rules Vibe is not a format, but it is a platform, a celebration of empowerment and unity within the dance community.

Be free when you VIBE, Be happy when you VIBE! Be Vibrantly Influenced In your Body Expression! Just VIBE!