Sydney Tyler, Commit Ambassador and Instructor, Las Vegas

Sydney Tyler

Sydney is certified to teach COMMIT Dance Fitness from Las Vegas, NV.
Sydney currently teaches COMMIT Dance Fitness at EOS Fitness and Las Vegas Athletic Clubs in Las Vegas, NV. Sydney works full time for Sunrise Children’s Foundation which provides no cost childcare for families in need.
Sydney started going to Group Fitness classes to bring back her motivation to exercise and commit to her health goals. Sydney’s first group fitness class was in 2009 and she has not turned back since. The thrill of being in a group, feeding off of everyone’s energy, and the push she received from the instructor kept her coming back for more. In 2017, she was approached to teach Zumba at her school (Olivet Nazarene University) as they did not have an instructor. Nervously, she said “yes”. This is the experience that changed everything for her! Going from student to instructor was a big step, but, at the end of the day, it is Sydney’s goal to provide a class where students walk away burning calories and feeling amazing. When she moved to Las Vegas In 2019, she did not pursue teaching right away (but that did not last long). Sydney began attending COMMIT Dance Fitness classes later that year and pursued her instructor certification in March 2020. In October 2020, she took the step in applying to gyms and now has a class on Saturday mornings. Sydney says, “Let me tell you, the nerves are always there, but the students are EVERYTHING!”
Sydney’s motto is – you get out of it what you put into it!