Stephanie Brown Kegler, Founder/CEO, Dancing Without Sin

Stephanie Brown Kegler

Stephanie is a certified fitness instructor located in the Fayetteville/Ft. Bragg NC area. She is the mother of one, Savanna and loves to inspire and encourage others through health and fitness. Stephanie has a history of cancer and other major medical issues on both sides of her family. Once she realized movement and eating played a major role in feeling good inside out, she started spreading the word immediately. Stephanie was now ready to change the world.
Eventually Stephanie began teaching Zumba in December 2009. Her mentor Janice was already teaching and inspired Stephanie to join the fitness format. She knew Stephanie would enjoy teaching because of her love of people and music. When Stephanie realized she was changing lives by just moving to great music, her life too was changed forever. As a Christian she kept thinking about church participants. That was a group that sometimes did everything for the community but always forgot they would not be able to continue to build God’s kingdom, if they are weak and weary. The Lord gave Stephanie Dancing Without Sin a registered trademark company. Church participants including Pastors are now moving to the beat! It’s a beat, but a beat that they are comfortable with. She changed the music and changed the movements.
Dancing Without Sin classes consist of anything to make specific groups comfortable. Music includes Gospel & Inspirational, old school hip hop/R&B, Afro beats, Latin and more! Stephanie is a Certified Group Fitness Leader, Certified Personal Trainer, Hip Hop & Sinless Chair, Refusal to Give in resistance band training, Sinless Abs, Dancing Without Sin Praise Turn-up, Total Transformation Toning with Steph, Zumba ,Zumba Gold and Zumba Toning
Now don’t be misinformed, just because Dancing Without Sin is a Christian based company does not mean you will not feel the burn and call on the Lord! Hallelujah!
Remember, your goal is not to be a runway model, but to be able to run down the runway!