Robyn Roper, Core Fusion & Piyo Instructor

Robyn Roper

Robyn Roper is certified as an ACE Group Fitness Instructor with certifications in PiYo (Pilates/Yoga blend), POUND, and Generation POUND. She teaches a self-inspired class of CoreFusion (which is core-centric for daily functional fitness) and is also a certified Les Mills CXWorx Instructor. She resides in Hillsville, VA, where she lives with her husband, and where they’ve raised their three children.

Robyn teaches POUND, Generation POUND, PiYo and CoreFusion classes at Studio G, LLC in Hillsville, VA. She is a full-time Art teacher in the Carroll County Public Schools and teaches Generation POUND and a “kid -friendly” version of PiYo as part of an after-school program. Robyn has taught group exercise classes for five years and has worked in the exercise field part-time for ten years. She has been an exercise enthusiast for her whole life and has inspired her family to lead active lifestyles.

Robyn enjoys teaching her classes and being a motivating and inspiring Instructor. She has a passion and
commitment to help others through these classes and works to motivate those who come into the studio where she teaches, in whatever class they take. She is super excited to be a part of the GAINS FIT team!