Lisa Lundy, Zumba Instructor

Lisa Lundy

Lisa toured Europe singing in 1986 performing in 6 different counties.
She was in musical theater for years, has been in many shows including Guys & Dolls and Singin’ in the Rain, worked in 2 dinner theatre s and has also been in 3 of her own bands before moving to NC.
Lisa has always been on stage in one way or another, and Zumba is her newest adventure!! She started going to Zumba classes in August of 2017, and loved it so much, that she became licensed in November 3, 2018! Since becoming licensed, she has participated in numerous Zumbathons, ZIN Con 2019, GAINS Fit 2020 & 2021 and teaches 3 days a week including a free class every Sunday morning for Durham residents.
Lisa feels honored that she was asked to participate in the GAINS Fit 2022 and can’t wait to see where Zumba takes her in the future!!