Liliana Means, FitKizomba Instructor, California

Liliana Means

Liliana Herrera Means was born in Ibagué, the Musical Capital of Colombia. There, as a child, she fell in love with dance. Two years after moving to the United States, Liliana attended her very first Zumba®️ class. That class was transformative. It immediately made her feel at home in her new country. After that, Liliana decided that sharing her passion for dance and fitness was something she wanted and needed to pursue.

Zumba is such a special and unique format. Zumba incorporates dance, fitness, and fun. This unique Zumba formula of dance, fitness, and fun allows for participants to feel and experience a party like atmosphere while working out.
I love the Zumba ®️platform because it allows me to bring together my passions: Health, Education, Fitness, and helping others achieve their health and fitness goals. My goal as a Zumba Instructor is to get people so lost in the music and fun, that they forget they are exercising!

Since becoming a licensed Zumba Instructor, Liliana has added and holds licenses to teach Zumba®️kids, Zumba®️ Toning, and Zumba®️ Gold. Liliana also serves as an Education Coordinator for a dance program that brings dance to schools.

Moto: “Dance with your heart, and your feet will follow!”