Kaitlyn Millican, Commit Instructor, Las Vegas

Kaitlyn Millican

Kaitlyn Millican aka K-Milli is originally from Atlanta, Georgia. When not dancing you can catch her at her second home, Buffalo Wild Wings, watching sports. Her favorite college football team is the Georgia Bulldogs. Her favorite pro football team is the Atlanta Falcons. Kaitlyn’s passion for sports started at the age of 10, throwing football in the backyard with her dad. She had always dreamed about playing football. Well that dream turned into a reality in 2013. Kaitlyn was the quarterback of her high school flag football team. She led them to a state championship, the first ever in the state of Nevada.

Kaitlyn started dancing at the age of 3. Tried everything from ballet to jazz. She would eventually find her niche in tap dancing because of how fast it is. Kaitlyn has some quick feet which has earned her the other nickname of happy feet. Kaitlyn is also a self-taught hip hop dancer. She copped her swaggy moves by watching top 20 artists like Usher and Chris Brown on Youtube. That’s when a lightbulb went off for Kaitlyn that she needs to be more than just a student. She needs to teach. So she started teaching dance fitness in August of 2017. You can catch her classes at Las Vegas Athletic Clubs. Her co-workers call her the subbing queen because she is always helping to cover classes when needed.

Kaitlyn is certified in COMMIT dance fitness. COMMIT is a fun, dynamic, HIIT influenced dance fitness workout. What Kaitlyn loves most about the format is its ability to bridge all communities together through music, dance and fitness.

A motto that Kaitlyn says is, “Like Allstate you are in good hands.” She says this embodies her teaching style because she never leaves her students hanging. She is always pre-cueing, breaking down routines, and making sure her students are getting the most out of their workout. Kaitlyn could not be more excited about meeting all of you at GAINS FIT 2023 in Las Vegas!!