Danielle Weeks, EDM Body Fitness™️ National Master Trainer, Content Choreo Creator and Instructor, Arizona

Danielle Week

Danielle is a certified EDM Body Fitness™️ instructor, National master trainer, and content choreo creator from Phoenix, AZ.

Originally from VT, fitness was not something on Danielle’s radar when she moved to AZ in 2014. It wasn’t until 2017 when she fell in love with EDMBF at a community fitness event that it all changed. Now Danielle teaches at that event, many other events, and local gyms in AZ.

As an instructor, Danielle enjoys sharing her story of going from sedentary to instructor and representing that fitness is not a size or a shape, but a feeling and inspiring others to find their own path to love of movement.

This aligns with Danielle’s full-time job as a clinic manager of a substance abuse treatment facility and current graduate school student (May 2023 🎓).

Giving back and inspiration are important to Danielle and doing so through fitness and choreography allows her to tap into that creative part of herself. Danielle cannot wait to share EDMBF with you! Get ready to leave it at the door and release on the dance floor!