Amber Hopper, Group Fitness Instructor, Arizona

Amber Hopper

Amber was born and raised in New Mexico, which is also where she started her fitness career, but has since expanded to Arizona! She became a group fitness instructor because of her love for dance, which started as a very little girl and continued through college, where she danced for NMSU, while getting her education. She has since become an Area Group Fitness Manager at Crunch Fitness, as well as a licensed Social Worker. Amber stays busy between her two roles and her most recent role as a mom to her 8-month-old daughter, Sedona, who was moving in mommy’s belly until 39 weeks, and still dancing at the sounds of those fitness tracks!

Amber is certified in over 40 Crunch Exclusive formats, her love being for intense Dance based HIIT classes, and is also certified in Zumba, POUND, Grovey Effect, Schwinn, and has her IFTA Group Fitness Certification. She prides herself on being versatile and loves to combine formats to bring a new experience to every class she teaches. Her passion in teaching comes from knowing that fitness is a universal language that will truly get you through not only the hard times in life, but also the good. She also enjoys working with youth, to start the mindset young and give families something to do together!

Fitness is about a physical and mental state, is all of life… Never give up on something because of the time it takes to accomplish it, the time will pass anyway… who’s ready to experience the Amber Effect?