Robin Nathan, Commit Dance Fitness, Build The Peach and Get Strong Instructor

Robin Nathan

Robin was born in Connecticut. She moved all over being the eldest daughter of a Marine. She was introduced to group fitness when she moved to Arizona and discovered Zumba. She was instantly hooked on the music, the vibe and just being around people from all backgrounds.

Believe it or not she never wanted to be an instructor. Robin often hid behind people in class and considers herself to be an introvert. However, a special instructor saw something in Robin that she didn’t see in herself and got her to get her first group fitness certification in Zumba. Robin has been certified in several formats and is now currently teaching Commit Dance Fitness, Build The Peach and Get Strong.

Robin is a mom to three grown men and has been helping people as a dental assistant for over 20 yrs. Her love of fitness and health comes from her own personal struggle of being overweight. Knowing that others have the same struggles she once had, she made it her passion to help others find fitness fun and to encourage others to fight for their health.

Robin’s desire to help others, brighten their day, work on their fitness goals, and help build their confidence is her WHY.