Nana Sahagun, MixxedFit National Trainer of Illinois

Nana Sahagun

Nana Sahagun is from Chicago IL, born and raised on the side of Chicago known as Gage Park. Nana has been teaching dance fitness since 2018 and is certified in several formats: MixxedFit, Zumba and PomSquad Fitness. In 2022 Nana officially became MixxedFit National Trainer of Illinois and has hosted 2 trainings to date. Her creative background consists of a wide variety of artistry such as painting, sketching, DIY projects (and more). Her dance background ranges from early childhood pom squads, dance teams, 3-year-captain college dance team, musical theater and now dancing, performing, and teaching all over the city of Chicago. Nana has secured a seasonal contract with one of Chicago’s largest tourist attractions, Navy Pier, where she teaches free outdoor dance fitness classes to the public ranging between 50-100 people. Nana is also a contract dancer with The Dolls in Action of Chicago where she is an instructor, performer and booking manager. Due to her Theater & Dance background, Nana has fallen in love with Dance Fitness as a form of self-expression. She exudes passion while teaching and finds it as a source of mental & emotional healing. Her style of dance is all about how it makes you feel – It’s an exhilarating, effective, easy-to-follow, an overall calorie-burning Dance party! Her classes allow everyone to find joy in working out while also advancing you to a better, healthier, you.