Linda Stahl, MixxedFit Master Educator, Florida

Linda Stahl

Linda Stahl is a group fitness instructor in Melbourne, FL. and teaches many different formats. She teaches at Florida Institute of Technology Clemente Center, Esporta Fitness (formally LA Fitness),
Harness-Up Fitness and Studio 321. She is 46 yrs. old, married and has a son and a daughter. She is an AF military brat and loves to travel. She currently teaches MixxedFit®, Zumba®, Yoga, Body Works. She is planning on teaching Pound® and Basic Bungee.

How did her fitness craze get started? Linda used to be an athlete in high school, playing basketball and volleyball. Since after having her kids, she needed to get back into being active and would go to the gym.
She practically lived in the gym taking many different fitness classes. She loved taking spin and yoga. Then in 2010 she fell in love with Zumba. She loved listening to all the different music she had never heard before. She had two left feet when she first started but she loved the music so she kept at it. Her instructor Yvonne would encourage her to do songs in class then 2 years later she started teaching Zumba in 2012 and got her group fitness certification shortly after.

Linda loves dancing and listening to all kinds of music but her biggest love is listening to Top40, R&B, hip hop, dancehall and African music. She never had any formal dance training, but she wanted to learn hip hop dances then found this amazing fireball of a lady Jeannie who had her own fitness program MyHipHopFit. She loves the creativity of all of the instructors. It was good to be able to collaborate and learn different moves and styles. She then decided to become a MyHipHopFit Instructor. She was surprised at the age of 34 she was able to pick it up and learned to add her own swag, style and flavor.

After learning so many different formats from Piloxing, Turbo Kick, Cycling, Yoga, Aqua Fitness, Bootcamp and love teaching to kids, so she got licensed in Zumba Kids (back then Zumbatomic) and Zumbini. She wanted to teach something where she would have more choreography choices. MyHipHopFit didn’t have choreography resources where she could just learn and teach new choreography. After the closing of her teaching location, she didn’t pursue teaching it elsewhere. Then a Zumba student of hers who later became her PIC told her I would really love MixxedFit®. She looked it up and loved it, but the problem was that there weren’t any classes in Florida for her to attend. She waited over a year to try to get the trainings that were in Florida but each one would fall through so she decided to fly to Arizona where her PIC had a condo and they got MixxedFit® certified together.

Linda started teaching MixxedFit a month after the training. What she really loves about teaching MixxedFit® besides the dancing, twerking, booty shaking is the people in MixxedFit® community are amazing and give you that family vibe. She met so many amazing instructors and trainers from different states. So many of them are supportive, encouraging and willing to help. In a state where there aren’t many MixxedFit® Instructors it was hard to know if she was doing the moves correctly since there weren’t any classes to attend. The many NTs she met along the way took their time and would send her videos to help her improve her basic moves. Then she decided to make the move to try out for Master Educator/National Trainer. Linda ended up being chosen to join the ranks of MixxedFit® Master Educator. She loves teaching MixxedFit® because she can let everything go with no judgements, she gets to tone her body and get a great cardio workout at the same time. The choreography is easy to learn and repetitive. MixxedFit® is a people inspired fitness program that incorporates explosive dance moves with body-weight toning!

Linda is very big in volunteering her time doing fundraisers and helping others in her community. She has participated and lead many fundraisers which include Party in Pink, Relay for Life, Children’s Home Society,Toys 4 Tots, Space Coast Brigade (feeding families for Thanksgiving), Domestic Violence Awareness, Fish Ascension Program (kids program), Brevard Rescue Mission, Saving Sara, Dancing for Dani, YMCA scholarships, Super Hero 5k, American Breast Cancer, Autism Awareness.