Desiree Dupes, Sweaxology, STRONG Nation, MixxedFit, and Zumba Instructor

Desiree Dupes

Formerly a personal trainer at 24 Hour Fitness, Desiree made the switch to group fitness instructor in 2015. She has taught and presented at various fitness facilities, events and fundraisers in the San Francisco Bay area. She obtained her license to instruct various formats including Pound, Zumba, STRONG Nation, Mixxedfit and Sweaxology. Desiree is also a black belt under the Kajukenbo Self Defense System and has trained in mixed martial arts for over 20 years.

Desiree’s passion for health, fitness, and community arises from her own struggles with health and wellness. She understands the need for community when continuing one’s fitness journey and is committed to being a real-life example for those in need of education & motivation to crush their fitness goals. There is nothing more valuable to her than witnessing someone become more joyful, confident, and strong through health and fitness and it’s even better when we get to experience it together through group exercise.