Chetlana Che’ Morris, Certified Personal and Group Fitness Trainer

Chetlana Che’ Morris

Chetlana aka Che’ Morris is a Certified Personal and Group Fitness Trainer. She hold certifications with LA Fitness Group Fitness, FiTOUR Advanced Group Exercise Instructor, FiTOUR Personal Trainer, HIIT BY LAF® Coach, SilverSneakers, ZUMBA® Instructor—B-1, ZUMBA® Virtual Pro, ZUMBA® World Rhythms: Africa and ZUMBA® World Rhythms: Caribbean-Jamaica, CPR-Basic Life Support. She currently teaches HIIT BY LAF®, ZUMBA®, Aqua Fit, Cycling, Bootcamp, Body Works + Abs, SilverSneakers®, and Personal Training for cardo and strength.

Although Che’ participated in school sports, her real journey into fitness began in 2006 when she was at her heaviest weight of 300 pounds and felt defeated. A change needed to happen, so she decided to enter the local gym. Her confidence began to notably improve when she found a cycling class. Cycling gave her an outlet of support and acceptance of where she was at. Over the years, she began taking different classes that challenged her fitness level. An instructor approached her, suggesting that Che’ teach a fitness class. Che’ didn’t think she could because she was still overweight. The instructor told her ” that she did not need to have a “perfect” body, everyone is at different places in their journeys, and she would be an inspiration to others. Che’ realized that, in a way, she could offer the outlet of support and acceptance to others that she had received during her journey and said yes to teaching. With the instructor’s guidance, she taught her first class, Aqua Fit.

Physical Fitness and fitness instruction has been her passion for some 15 years now, and she has a strong desire to “pay it forward’ to those who seek support and acceptance in their fitness journeys—she really cares. Che’ began adding certifications such as CPR certification that she unfortunately had to use during an Aqua Fit class. One of her elderly students collapsed in the pool. Che’ pulled him out (245lbs) of the pool and assisted him until paramedics arrived. She thanks her training and dedication and love for her students. It also was a blessings to have that member back weeks later thriving in class. Although she has added several types of classes to her resume, including Kickboxing, Boot Camp, Cycling, Body Works + Abs, Zumba, and Silver Sneakers, Aqua Fit will remain a favorite.

After gaining years of experience, Che’ obtained her FiTOUR Personal Trainer Certificate and began fulfilling requests for one-on-one personal training to great success. She created a business called Che’s Way Fitness. Her Facebook page @ChesWayFitness became a useful tool to stay connected to her fitness clients, especially after the pandemic stay-at-home orders. Many people wanted and needed support and acceptance during the shut-down for physical and mental health, and Che’ did not want to leave them without an outlet. She offered ZUMBA® in the Park, Aqua Fit, and Walking Support Group sessions free of charge to help out, using masks and social distancing protocol to keep everyone safe.

In addition to her commitment to fitness, Che’ is active in support to causes such as Autism Speaks and ZUMBA® Party in Pink. Additionally, Che’ is the founder of her black-owned family business, Cool Runnings ATV and UTV Rentals in Southern California.

Che’s motto is twofold: “Things always get better!” and “If you’re breathing, you’re achieving.”