Teela Maxwell, GAINS FIT Chief Liaison, MixxedFit National Master Trainer

Teela Maxwell

Teela Maxwell is a single mother of three children, who struggled with her own weight. As she started her health and fitness journey, she found out she was very passionate about this topic. She wanted to learn how to help others.

Teela thought to herself, there are so many things in life that we take for granted, our body is one of them. She feels that health and fitness is more than just exercise and eating healthy. It is a combination of rest, relaxation, faith, and happiness. She also feels health and fitness takes hard work, commitment, dedication, and guidance.

Teela believes you also need the right support system to motivate and cheer you on. She is here to do just that! She loves to help people reach their health and fitness goals. Her goal is to help turn personal goals into lifelong habits and a new lifestyle.

Teela is licensed in MixxedFit and a NETA Certified Personal Trainer.