Monica Collier, COMMIT, Water Fit, Zumba, Zumba Toning, Strong and Group Fitness Instructor

Monica Collier

Monica Collier currently lives in Central Florida but is originally from Michigan where she was born and raised, she began her fitness journey as a fitness instructor in 2009 when she became a Certified Zumba instructor.

Monica is a Florida COMMIT ambassador and currently holds certifications in COMMIT, Water Fit, Zumba, Zumba Toning, Strong and Group Fitness, she loves teaching fitness classes, and the reason is simple, every class feels like hanging out with family and friends. She is passionate about helping others transform their lives through the power of exercise.

Monica has a versatile fitness setting and gives tools necessary to change a person’s physical, mental, and emotional well-being through fitness. She also loves giving back to the community where she has hosted and participated in tons of community events.

Monica loves helping and mentoring other instructors and is part of the ZIN mentoring program. Her motto is Strength: Overcoming the things you once thought you couldn’t. Live Life!