Gerlande “GeeGee” Cadet, World Rythmz Fitness Creator, Florida

Gerlande “GeeGee” Cadet

As a Caribbean girl, GeeGee, was born and raised in Haiti where she always had a passion for dancing. She has participated in multiple dance competitions & put together choreography for her team to either perform at an event or compete.

When she came to America, her passion for dancing diminished because she had to focus on finishing high school, go to college and work to make a way of life.

Health & fitness was never the lifestyle she imagined. But when her life took a major detour in 2010: diagnosed with a rare sleep disorder, high blood pressure & cholesterol, weighed 235lbs at 25 years old, she decided to take ownership of her health.

She researched online and came across ZUMBA FITNESS. On July 20, 2011, she attended her first Zumba class and since that moment she found her passion for dancing again to the point where she became an Licensed Zumba instructor in 2012.

After many years of teaching, her students & peers supported & inspired her to “Dig” into her love for rhythms worldwide.

In 2019, she has developed her own format which is World Rythmz Fitness.

World Rythmz Fitness is A High-Energy Crazy Exhilarating Uplifting Dance Fitness Calorie Burning Workout that uplifts your spirit.

WRF features Music & Moves that incorporate your favorite most common World Rhythms from Afrobeats | Latin Rhythms | Brazilian Funk | HipHop | Soca | Dancehall | Folklore and Popular Fusion Music & many more.

GeeGee’s motto: Divided by culture, United through Dance.