Christina Sammons, Personal Trainer MixxedFit Instructor, and Wellness Coach

Christina Sammons

Christina never imagined this as something that she would be writing or sharing, but so excited and happy to do so. If asked 10 years ago if she have taught dance fitness or be apart of fitness community, she would have laughed. It has been an incredibly challenging, eye opening, healing journey and she has loved everything about it.

Christina has always struggled with her weight, from as early as 7 years old; recalls being called fat, chunky, bum-calf. Childhood abuse and trauma that trickled into adulthood. Never having a relationship with movement or real exercise. Christina did enjoy riding and caring for horses from time to time and had lessons. She did play with her bike, ice shoe skating but, nothing consistent or impactful that continued. Christina struggled with having motherly support and had a poor relationship with food in general. Christina did slim down a bit at 14 due to having interest in boys and dating. At 18 her first pregnancy took her to over 220 pounds during pregnancy and a second pregnancy shortly after, she was in a stress cycle for many years. After many pounds for many years and having 4 children. There finally was an opportunity for Christina to claim some of herself back and lost about 75-80 pounds at 27 after her last child. She realized she needed change to be around for her children.

Christina learned how to exercise, joined a boxing gym, and joined the army at 30. After 4 years Christina injured her lower back requiring surgery with hardware implanted and then a year later a tragedy occurred first in February 2010 then May; 2 different car accidents happened, the second the worst of them almost taking her life. Christina suffered another setback and had surgery on her neck with a fusion and found herself in a space where she could no longer do physical activities the same way and required many months of physical therapy. She became depressed, and extremely overweight for the 2nd time in her life. She could not do the traditional cardio classes or run due to back injuries and severe chronic pain developed and depression came back. Christina took back her power; She found Zumba in 2011 and took a couple classes always standing in back. Christina had some life and career changes. She was medically separated from the service and also lost her full-time job as it was contingent on military service, and then Zumba found her! This time as student taking training to become an instructor in 2014. With taking that licenses it propelled her into take many peoples classes and finding her community. Christina then moved to Arizona after 20 years in New York. What a change. Christina was able to find a community in Arizona and a mentor and before you know it in 3 months, she was having her first class! What a change she felt, the passion for Zumba. From there she taught several classes weekly around 8-10. Christina took a demo and then fell in love with a new format Mixxedfit and was licensed in 2016, her passion, her purpose, is to be people inspired and aspire to inspire others in a safe space open to any and everyone. Christina’s mantra is let loose, enjoy and have fun, this time is for you! She has been actively involved teaching classes weekly and doing many servant duties including events to raise money for local children school supplies, hurricane relief, packing food for homeless, raising money for local foundations, families in need and charities.

Christina’s hope is to move the community towards movement with a more positive focus on self love and kindness towards self and others. She wants to be remembered for how she makes people feel.

Over the past few years, wellness has become more forefront focus and Christina has gone back to school and obtained certifications through NASM the National Academy of Sports Medicine in Nutrition, Wellness Coaching, Personal Training, Behavioral Change, Stretching and Mobility, Corrective Exercise Training, Posture evaluation. Christina has also had an extensive career experience in Health and Wellness Specifically in holistic health.

Christina found GAINS FIT through her Fitness Sister Mixxedfit National Trainer Rachael V Las Vegas & Teela S from Kansas from, both are Chief Liaisons for the program. After attending for the first time 2023 in Las Vegas 4-day retreat Christina was hooked on the positive energy and experience. Christina also met Candice T the creator and owner of GAINS FIT, such a sincere person and so caring. There was no ego, no drama just complete safe fun fitness and love for community. Christina then became a part of the GAINS FIT Fest Master Classes in Phoenix, San Diego, Virginia Beach, and Cancun retreats. Shortly after the GAINS FIT San Diego Mrs Candice offered Christina a breakout session for Las Vegas Retreat 2024!