Venieca White, Zumba, MixxedFit, Xtreme Hip Hop Instructor

Venieca White

Venieca White is a licensed Zumba [®] and Mixxed Fit Instructor, COMMIT Dance Fitness Instructor and Xtreme Hip Hop Step Instructor. She lives in Hamlet, NC.

Venieca teaches at Special Events and Fundraisers and is also available to be a Sub for classes. She has appeared as a guest instructor at the GAINS Fit 2017, 2018 and 2019 Myrtle Beach Retreat.

Venieca attended her first Zumba [®] class in 2011 and has been proud to be a Zumbaholic ever since! She was close to 400 pounds and her Zumba instructor challenged her to be on the front row and has been there ever since… Zumba has assisted with her weight-loss and so she continues to shimmy! She became licensed as a Zumba Instructor in April 2015. She became licensed as a MixxedFit Instructor at the GAINS Fit 2017 Myrtle Beach Retreat. 2018 COMMIT Dance Fitness and 2019 Xtreme Hip Hop Cardio Step

Venieca shares her Zumba [®] love and passion with everyone she comes in contact with! For her, Zumba [®] is not a workout – it’s a gateway to feeling free! It’s a place where you can disconnect from all the stresses from the day and fully experience the amazing love, energy, joy, happiness, laughter, and peace with all the beautiful people in the room. Of course, her Zumba classes become her Zumba Squad and love dripping liquid Awesome each class…

Venieca is honored to be a part of the GAINS Fit 2020 Retreat Event and looks forward to sharing her Zumba and Mixxedfit love with everyone!