Tina McCraw, Zumba/MixxedFit Instructor

Tina McCraw

Tina (Powell) McCraw lives in Columbia, SC and native of Fayetteville NC. She has been a ZIN™ Member since Oct 2013. She is a Mother of five and grandmother of two. She is an ARMY Veteran and married to the love of her life also an Army (Airborne) Veteran. She grew up having a love for dance and fitness. She was a member of Track and Field, cheerleader and dance team in middle and high school.

Tina was elated when she stumbled upon ZUMBA!! Zumba has helped her maintain a healthy weight and substituted for anxiety medicines. Although an introvert, Zumba and MIXXED Fit has allowed her to let loose and show her “inner self”. She is a survivor of a rare cancer known as Leiomyosarcoma. She was diagnosed in 2015. This changed her life drastically, causing her to make some major lifestyle changes. She believes in holistic healing and practice holistic healthcare management.

Tina’s goal is to live a more fit and healthier lifestyle while teaching others to do the same. She has a Masters in Counseling, as she feels a healthy mind is just important as a healthy body. She currently works as a Counselor at Thriveworks Columbia, SC and is a personal trainer at MUV Fitness. She absolutely loves teaching Zumba classes and training others to reach their health goals.

Tina is licensed to teach Zumba and Zumba® Kids. She teaches at MUV Fitness. She is also a licensed MIXXED FIT and Urban Boot Camp Instructor.

Her Motto is YOLO!! “You only live once. Follow the word, try new things, and have some fun!”