Tavio McAllister, Zumba Jammer, Sacramento, CA

Tavio McAllister

Tavio McAllister is a licensed Zumba instructor, Zumba Jammer, and AFAA Certified Group Fitness Instructor located in Sacramento, CA. From a very young age, he always enjoyed dancing and studying choreography, but it wasn’t until he discovered Zumba in 2011 that his world truly transformed. He instantly fell in love with the journey around the world that Zumba took him through its Latin and other international rhythms. He also enjoyed the simplicity of the movements, which allowed him and his friends to add their own flavor and style in class.

After being a student for a couple years, Tavio decided to tackle a new challenge and become an instructor. From that point forward, his primary focus has been his participants and making sure they feel successful after each and every class.

In 2019, Tavio became a licensed Zumba Jammer, which is someone who auditions and is selected by the Zumba Home Office to hold choreography workshops for other instructors. This new adventure only heightens his love for the Zumba program as he has the opportunity to instruct, inspire, and coach other passionate instructors in California and beyond.

Tavio is incredibly excited to join the GAINS Fit family and present electric, memorable classes for all guests!