Mertriss Chapel, COMMIT Trainer, Choreographer, Choreo Scene Presenter, Creative and Core Team Member, WA

Mertriss Chapel

Mertriss was born in Chicago, IL, and raised in San Diego, CA. She currently resides in the state of Washington with her husband and three kids. Having taught dance fitness for 10 plus years, licensed and certified in multiple formats, ZUMBA, MIXXEDFIT, COMMIT and ChairOne.

She actively teaches COMMIT Dance Fitness and has many duties within the company; COMMIT Trainer, Choreographer, Choreo Scene Presenter, Creative Team member and Core Team member. She has choreographed some of COMMIT’s more popular routines “One Wine”, “Remedy” and “Snap Yo Fingers”, just to name a few.

She loves dance fitness because it allows her to share her love for music, dance and fitness while helping others find their inner diva and confidence.

Mertriss also believes in creating a positive and inclusive space that caters to all fitness levels and abilities. A space where students and instructors can be their authentic self, feel safe and confident to progress in their fitness goals both mentally and physically.

Mertriss’s motto in life is “aspire to inspire”, in other words, be the change you want to see in your community because how you choose to engage and show up everyday matters.