Jenn Owens, Certified Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Instructor, Arizona

Jenn Owens

Jenn Owens has a passion to teach and train women! Her love of fitness began at the
age of 18 when she began working at a local women’s gym. As she gained knowledge
about the body, nutrition, and exercise in college, she wanted to share all that she had
learned with as many women as possible!
Jenn now has over 15 years’ experience in the fitness industry working with women of
all ages! With her NASM certification in personal training, and AFAA certification in
group fitness, she carries out her excitement for fitness to all her clients and class
participants. She has experience training clients in a one-on-one setting, as well as
teaching a plethora of group fitness classes including outdoor bootcamps, Muscle, HIIT,
Tabata, and Barre.
Her specialty lies in HIIT and BARRE training. Both are effective and different. She
loves to combine strength training and bursts of cardio in her HIIT classes to not only
increase endurance, but also build muscle! Barre is a technique derived from ballet,
pilates, and yoga. It is designed to strengthen the smaller stabilizing muscles in our
bodies, resulting in increased core strength and better balance. Overall, Jenn just
desperately wants to teach women HOW to work out safely and effectively, to equip
them with the knowledge of how to reduce risk of injury while producing the best results!
Her drive to motivate people landed her as the 2018 Instructor of the Year for
Mountainside Fitness, and Presenter at the 2021 Fitness Fest!
Jenn’s motto on life can easily be summed up in this one statement, “An object in
motion STAYS in motion,” a quote by Isaac Newton. You can often find her saying…
JUST start somewhere. Movement IS movement, regardless of how small.
Let’s GET moving and STAY moving. TOGETHER!