Emy Tugade, U-Jam, Xtreme Hip hop & Burn Instructor, CA

Emy Tugade

Emy Tugade has been a Correctional Officer for 14 years. As a woman, she knew she had to maintain a lifestyle that worked for her. She knew she needed to stay healthy not just physically but also mentally. She found group exercise was her new outlet. Whether it was CrossFit or dance fitness.

Emy started her fitness journey with many “Day 1s”. At age 44 she accomplished her first Spartan race and then she was hooked. Without any weight loss goals, she exercised, trained and found dance fitness as her new cardio regimen. Six months later, she lost approximately 30 lbs, she knew instead of being a student she wanted to teach and help others who are like her that they can achieve a healthy lifestyle. During this process she met other fitness instructors who convinced her to teach. In 2018, she got certified in Schwinn cycle, UJam, and Xtreme Hip Hop with Phil (step aerobics). She also Xtreme Burn certified.

Emy knew she wanted to help others start their Day 1 into a lifestyle that becomes a habit and not a chore no matter their age and level of movement.

Emy’s motto – – – Let the beat of your heart be the music that makes you move so you can live to laugh and dance.