Evelyn”Cookie” Miron, Chief Liaison, Zumba Instructor

Evelyn"Cookie" Miron

Evelyn “Cookie” Rodriguez was born and raised in the Bronx dancing to House Music in the clubs of Manhattan….The love for dance was already there!

An invitation to a Zumba class started a fitness journey that took Cookie’s life in a whole new direction. One class and she was DONE!! Had to have it EVERY DAY! Within six months, she was licensed and for the past 4 years the PARTAY HAS BEEN NON-STOP!! Her passion for Zumba has brought much joy and fitness to what she calls FAMILIA, Zumba Enthusiasts and Zumba Instructors alike!

1st license on deck and ready October 2011 thereafter, she has added Zumba Kids & Kids Jr, Zumba Step, Zumba Toning, MixxedFit and POUND.