Anika Hancock, Commit Trainer and Choreo Scene Presenter

Anika Hancock

People watching at the gym, trying to make the treadmill minutes go quicker, Anika Hancock saw her first group fitness class. She decided to try the class the following week. An introvert: standing in the very back of the room, lost and going the opposite direction everyone else did. She was overwhelmed but had fun. Anika started attending multiple dance fitness classes each week and eventually became one of the “front row divas.” Never in a million years did she expect to become a group fitness instructor.
Remaining active is important to Anika and her husband Bealie. They often go to the gym and various fitness activities/events together. Her why is to make sure everyone feels successful, no matter where they are in their fitness journey. Dance fitness classes are her favorite to teach. Her alter ego “Nik Nik” has been known to take over as soon as the music starts. Thus creating an inclusive, high energy, sometimes cray-cray and fun experience for everyone in the class.
Anika started her journey as a group fitness instructor in 2008. She has taught at multiple big box gym chains including 24 Hour Fitness, LA Fitness, YMCA and Fitness Connection. Enjoying all group fitness and has taught a variety of formats from Aqua Aerobics to Zumba Fitness (minus Yoga). Anika has received certifications in Zumba Fitness, R.I.P.P.E.D, Schwinn Cycle, U Jam Fitness, MixxedFit, Sculpt and Groove, Commit Dance Fitness, Spinning, AFAA Group Fitness, NCSF Personal Trainer as well as several in house fitness programs. She has been recognized as Instructor of the Month, Inspiring Lives Though Fitness and winning a 90-day transformation challenge. Anika has been involved in levels of leadership through various formats: Coach with UJam Fitness, Master Educator with MixxedFit and currently, a Creative Team Member/Choreo Scene Presenter and Trainer for Commit Dance Fitness.
Anika’s motto is there are no judgments and no jealous body parts. Class is your safe space to allow yourself to leave all burdens at the door during class and leave it all on the floor. She is looking forward to meeting and dancing it out with everyone because we are all fitness family!!